The Saratoga Spectacular is an event run by the Mackenzie River Fish Stocking Association (MRFSA), a non-profit organisation run by volunteer members.

Access to Information

A small number of MRFSA members require access to the information you provide to us (i.e. the information you give us in your Nomination forms) in order to complete certain duties and services. For example: completing your competition nomination, or letting you know about other upcoming events run by the MRFSA. Only a limited number of members have access to this information, only where required by their position and permission granted by the MRFSA.

Information we collect

On nomination to the competition, we ask for the following information from competitors:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Postal Address
  • Contact phone number
  • Age Category (Senior/Junior)
  • Gender
If you do not feel comfortable providing any of these details to us (except for your Name and Category), you are free to withold them from your nomination form. Note that in certain cases this may limit your chances for certain prizes/draws made available at the competition.

How we use your Information

We only use your information for the duration of the competition in which you have nominated, and for mailouts for up to 12 months after the competition has ended. Mailouts are usually made by email, and are always limited to MRFSA-run events, like the next Saratoga Spectacular or a Fish Release at the Bedford Weir.

During the competiton your details are used in the following ways:

  • Your Name Announced at lucky draws, if your nomination number is drawn for a prize
  • Your Contact Phone Number If we find your belongings, you win a prize that you do not need to be present to collect, or we otherwise have an issue with your registration - we may contact you during the competition on the phone number you provide
  • Age Category Pricing is based on the category on which you enter, and is integral to the calculation of winners
  • Gender occasionally the MRFSA will have gender-specific category prizes. You don't have to provide this information but you won't be eligible for such categories

We won't publish your information, except for your name and town of origin - where you have won the major prize or placed in a fish category at the competition

You may ask us to retract your information on request, which we will do as far as reasonably practicable.

Internal Access to Information

As stated earlier, only a limited number of members are given access to information, and can only access the information which they are required to access as part of their position. As members are not formally employed by MRFSA and most do not have offcial 'positions', these positions (and the level of access granted) are decided by the MRFSA

All parties/personnel with any access to your information must at all times adhere to the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cwth) and any other Commonwealth or Queensland government legislation.

You may request access to your own personal information by contacting the MRFSA, providing you can sufficiently provide evidence of your identity

Third Party Access to Information

MRFSA and it's members will never pass the information you have provided to us except in the following situations:
Where you win a major prize or place in a fish category at the competition, we may publish your Name and Town of Origin on our website, and provide this information to local publications to publish>
When we are legally obliged to give your information to a law enforcement agency, as stated in the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cwth)

The Australian Government can provide more information about your rights and our responsibilities for the privacy of your information at